Cottonwood Got You Down?

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Fuzzies flying around can severely damage your AC unit. They are sucked into your outdoor coils, and the result is reduced air flow. First, this will cause your air conditioner to loose energy efficiency. The bigger problem of an over heated compressor can cost hundreds.

Investing in Repairs:

Every year we see compressors go bad because of blocked condenser coils. Most of them could have been saved with routine maintenance. Few business can afford to repair or replace their unit on short notice in the middle of summer.

Make Maintenance Mandatory:

One simple phone call can get Seaman’s Mechanical out to your business for a cleaning and tune up of your air conditioning system. Five minutes of your time setting up an appointment may save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacement costs, not to mention the savings you will see on your energy bills. Better yet, invest in our planned maintenance program for automatic cleaning every season. Our PM customers rarely worry about system downtime or unexpected repairs. Seaman’s takes care of all their needs.

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Green Changes

Everything and everyone is going green these days. With buzz words like “Eco-friendly,” “carbon footprint” and “sustainability” it’s hard to know what’s reliable and where all the facts come from. At Seaman‘s Mechanical we believe in saving our customers as much on their energy bills as possible. We trust Consumers Energy as a great source to locate valuable energy savings.

Consumers is currently offering valuable incentives for customers switching out T12 florescent lamps and magnetic ballasts. Production will end for T12’s in July of this year. The T12 incentives will only last until the end of 2012. This is an easy money saving fix for your business.

At Seaman’s we retrofitted 25-2 lamp 8′ T-12 fixtures with new energy efficient 4 lamp 4′ T-8 fixtures. Within our warehouse we also added occupancy sensors so when unoccupied 20 of the fixtures shut off. In our office space, we replaced our light bulbs with a brighter light output bulb that will give us a 12 watt reduction per fixture.

These simple changes equal a 2 year payback for Seaman’s and also help to reduce our carbon footprint. Take advantage of this incentive before it’s too late. We all need to make a little difference to help our planet!

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