Do you own a boiler?

In November or 2006, the State of Michigan instituted new rules regarding the installation, maintenance and testing of control and safety devices on automatically fired boilers used in commercial and industrial settings.

State of Michigan rule R408.4027 (rule 27) of the boiler code, adopts the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standard CSD-1.  CSD-1 requires boiler owners to establish maintenance and test schedules for their boilers.  Rule 27 specifically requires that controls and safety devices be tested annually by an individual in possession of a mechanical license with a category 5 or 6 authorization.

What does all of that mean? 

If your building has a boiler, it needs to be tested annually by a state licensed contractor.  The contractor must test and document the boiler controls, safety devices and provide a copy of this document to you.  The inspection form must be posted near the boiler.

In addition, the boiler owners must test and document the following items on a monthly basis;

  • Check boiler/system water level in the sight glass
  • Check boiler pressure/temperature on gauge.
  • Drain/test low water fuel cut out
  • Manually/hand test boiler safety/relief valve
  • Check/observe burner operation

What happens if you don’t have a CSD-1 inspection?

Typically, if the boiler inspector comes out and finds that your CSD-1 is not up to date, they will give you a set time frame to get it done.  However, they may charge you for the return trip.


Seaman’s Mechanical possess all the necessary licenses to perform CSD-1 inspections.

Cottonwood Got You Down?

condenser-coil cottonwooe, seamand mechanical

Fuzzies flying around can severely damage your AC unit. They are sucked into your outdoor coils, and the result is reduced air flow. First, this will cause your air conditioner to loose energy efficiency. The bigger problem of an over heated compressor can cost hundreds.

Investing in Repairs:

Every year we see compressors go bad because of blocked condenser coils. Most of them could have been saved with routine maintenance. Few business can afford to repair or replace their unit on short notice in the middle of summer.

Make Maintenance Mandatory:

One simple phone call can get Seaman’s Mechanical out to your business for a cleaning and tune up of your air conditioning system. Five minutes of your time setting up an appointment may save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacement costs, not to mention the savings you will see on your energy bills. Better yet, invest in our planned maintenance program for automatic cleaning every season. Our PM customers rarely worry about system downtime or unexpected repairs. Seaman’s takes care of all their needs.

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