Failed Heat Exchangers a Common Fall Problem

A heat exchanger is an integral part of any heating unit.  Every roof top unit or furnace has one.  The air that heats the rooms in your building travels through the heat exchanger while the flame from the burner heats the exchanger.

How a furnace works.

Over the course of time, the heat exchanger is subject to some very rough conditions.  High temperatures are the most obvious but also the elements if your heating unit is out side.  These extreme conditions can cause the heat exchange to rust out and develop holes.  When holes develop, this allows exhaust fumes to enter your warm air supply.

A new heat exchanger

An annual inspection of your heat exchange is important to your health and the health of your heating equipment.  Checking the heat exchange is just one step Seaman’s performs in a Fall Heating Start and Check.

A bad heat exchanger

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